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We agree a fee before any work is carried out.


From time to time it may not be possible to agree an exact fee from the outset due to the complicated nature of the work but we still provide a fee guideline.

We provide value for money and are willing to provide a free no obligation quote for the work you require.

At A.Y.A Accountants we have various fee arrangements to suit our client needs such as direct debit payments on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We offer a free consultation and there is no pressure to use our services.


If you would like to receive a quote, then feel free to come to our office, email us or call us.

We believe our prices are very reasonable and value for money compared to traditional accountants with a better service.  We can either come to you where ever you are any day of the week or you can come to our premises.

The following is our simplified price structure:

  • Taxi Driver Accounts (includes accounts, tax return and all submissions) £150
  • Subcontractors (includes accounts, tax return and all submissions) from £350
  • All other Sole Traders (includes accounts, tax return and all submissions) from £200
  • Limited company accounts (Includes full and abbreviated accounts and all submissions) from £300
  • Tax Return only from £80
  • Rental Property accounts including tax return from £100
  • Company Formation from £150
  • Payroll and VAT To be Discussed


(all prices are subject to agreement)