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Whether you are a small business or a multinational corporation, you need to know about VAT as this can affect your business in more ways than one.

VAT is not just a form of tax but can also be used as a tool to reclaim some of the money you have paid out and the rates are different for different goods and services and you cannot make the mistake of assuming the VAT rate is the same for everything.


standard rate – 20%

reduced rate – 5%

zero rate – 0%

VAT rates can change time to time, therefore you need to make sure you apply the correct rate.

You must register for VAT if your turnover for 12 months is more than £79,000, which can change time to time depending on the budget.


You must also register for VAT if you believe your turnover may exceed the threshold within the next 30 days or if you have taken over a VAT registered business as a going concern. AYA accountants can advise you in respect of the VAT applicability to your business and can take care of the registration / deregistration process.

We happy to review your business accounts and provide an analysis so that you can avoid any issues with the VAT man.

Compliance with the VAT rules and VAT returns is becoming more complex and it is easy to fall foul of  the rules, which could result in heavy fines or the possibility of criminal proceedings, therefore we make sure your VAT returns are done correctly and all the rules are complied with. We are happy to deal with any contentious matters in respect of your VAT and Customs and will advise you appropriately in respect of VAT inspections. AYA Accountants are happy to deal with your VAT Returns and we can come to an arrangement to best suit you.


We will be able to advise you on how to satisfy the VAT requirements whilst taking advantage of the processes to help you save money.