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Tax Enquiries


HMRC has powers to investigate any individual / company without prior notice.

it is unfortunate if you are investigated but majority of the time it is random and through no fault of your own but sometimes it can be for a specific reason.

An investigation can be stressful and you could be overwhelmed with the enquiries made by the tax office.

If you are investigated then we recommend you contact us immediately as we have years of experience in dealing with the HMRC and are in the best position to advise you and assist in fighting your case.


There are various penalties the HMRC can impose following an enquiry for various breaches, such as failure to pay the correct tax, undeclared income etc.

The penalties imposed by the tax office can be:

  1. Pay the tax and
  2. pay a fine and / or
  3. pay interest

We can limit the chance of you being investigated randomly by dealing with your financial affairs and limiting the trigger points for a random investigation.