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Payroll / PAYE

Administering the payroll / PAYE can be time consuming, stressful and in many cases a full time job.

We offer a comprehensive payroll service to alleviate the responsibility away from you or your staff and as we are up to date with all the legislation changes, you can rest assured your business will comply with all the rules.

Payroll can be complicated and with all the legislation changes it is quite simple in falling foul of the relevant rules.


We make sure all the payroll is done on time and you stay up to date with the PAYE.

We provide the following:

  • Monthly payslips
  • Monthly reports
  • Deal with the p60 and p45
  • Real time information (rti) paye
  • Returns for the revenue
  • Deal with statutory sick pay
  • Student loan deductions
  • Maternity pay
  • P11d / P9d benefits and expenses

We can offer Payroll services to all individuals and businesses, whether or not you use us for your accounts.


There is no minimum term contract for the Payroll service, therefore we recommend you try the service and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.