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Contractors or subcontractors have a large amount of paperwork to deal with, from payroll, tax status declarations, national insurance and various documents.

AYA Accountants can assist and take care of all the paperwork, leaving you to do your work. We can assist in company formations, business and personal tax returns, annuals accounts, VAT, PAYE, Payroll and all other legal obligations. We provide the most up to date tax advice and are here to make sure your needs are met and all effort is made to limit the tax liability.

We understand the complicated rules in relation to contractors and as we have been doing this line of work for many years, we make sure if our client is due a refund then this is done to its maximum whilst making sure all the rules are complied with. We are experienced enough to advise you what business model best suits you.

Some contractors choose to work as sole traders but in many instances it may be better to set up a company and limit your tax liability therefore we recommend a discussion with us so that we can advise you on how to best proceed with your business.


IR35 came in to effect in April 2000 abd was designed to stop contractors working as disguised permanent employees and taking advantage of the benefits afforded to the self employed (i.e. to benefit the tax liability).

We can best advise you on the rules relating to IR35 and how to avoid any risk of falling foul of the rules.